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2021-06-07 #health

I have heard of “saturated fat”, “unsaturated fat", “high-density lipoprotein" (HDL), “low-density lipoprotein" (LDL) many times but have never known and cared which are good and bad respectively. I thought my exercise habit can burn everything and I can eat anything without much concern.

In a recent annual physical exam, my LDL (bad cholesterol) was 107 mg/dL, higher than the suggested maximum – 100 mg/dL. The doctor said that high LDL is caused by diet.

Although it does not exceed much, it is still an alarm. I googled those terminologies above to learn about them. In short, trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol increases LDL.

After that, I acquired the superpower to see through the amount of “cholesterol" and “saturated fat” inside foods. Before, I spread a big block of butter on bread. Now, plain bread just works. Before, I drank whole milk like usual milk. Now, I reduce my whole milk intake.