i3 – Switching Windows

2020-06-21 Wai Hon 0

3 years ago, I switched from Mac OS back to Linux. The main reason was i3wm — a tiling window manager for Linux — and its way to switch between windows. In this post, I am going to talk about how to switch windows on i3.

Imagine the Ideal

2020-05-17 Wai Hon 0

The interesting thing is, this approach itself has nothing to do with tidying. It could be applicable to something else. Its generalized form, “Imagine the ideal (______), and then move closer to it”, is universal and yet effective!

From Hugo to WordPress

2020-04-26 Wai Hon 1

I have been blogging with Hugo, a static site generator, for 5 months. Recently, I decided to ditch it and migrate to WordPress.Org, because of workflow. I want to spend more time and efforts on writing instead of coding.

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Building Habits

2020-04-05 Wai Hon 0

The recent shelter-in-place / stay-at-home order has dramatically changed our routines. I don’t need to commute to the office so I do not listen to podcasts. I don’t have morning coffee since I have no access to the micro-kitchen in the office. I walk less as I stay at home all day. I started doing […]

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Daily Journal

2020-03-15 Wai Hon 0

In the previous post 2019 Year-End Reflection, I wrote: I kept a daily journal. When people ask me why keeping a journal, my 2019 answer was to track TODO and activity log, then review at the end of the day. My 2020 answer is to make every day meaningful and counted. I will share the nuances […]

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Effective Reading

2020-02-02 Wai Hon 0

It is probably easier to explain what ineffective reading is first. If you are “seeing” the words without processing, no matter how many words you “see” per minute, it is ineffective. If you cannot recall or refer to the key concepts of an inspiring book you have read in the past, no matter how many […]

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Productivity System

2020-01-12 Wai Hon 2

In this era, there are “productive people” who use “productivity systems” to manage day-to-day chores, TODOs, notes and so on. These productivity systems are usually note taking apps (Apple Notes, Evernote, Google Keep, OneNote), task manager apps (Todoist, Wunderlist, TickTick), paper notebooks or the combination of them. These “productive people” could be divided into two […]

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2019 Year-End Reflection

2019-12-31 Wai Hon 0

2019 is a year of changes to me. I developed some new habits and became a father. Here are what I have done. I completed 9 English books. This number was a shameful ZERO for the 28 years prior to 2019. Even when I was a student and being tasked to write book reports, I just […]